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In February, another diving session took place as part of the #DeeperSense project. With the help of our partners from @DFKI, THW and Kraken Robotik Gmbh more data was generated showing the divers performing their regular work activities underwater
#underwater #diving #AI #sonar

🐢Turtle spotting! 🐢

Our Partners from the University of Haifa have caught a sea turtle using our AUVs forward-looking camera. Can you spot the little guy? 👀
Photo Credits: Prof. Tali Treibitz, Charney School of Marine Sciences, University of Haifa
#Marinelife #diving
deeper_sense photo

Some researchers from @DFKI are currently in #Sweden for #FieldTrials. They are testing an #AUV for extraterrestrial #robotic under ice navigation.🧊❄️
Check out their daily reports on their #Blog:

Researchers from the @DFKI are searching for traces of possible life beneath the surface of Jupiter’s #moon Europa. Therefore they are developing the special diving robot #DeepLeng. P.M.Wissen recently published an interesting clip about this (in German)

The #DeeperSense Team started into the new year with a partner meeting last week.
Unfortunately the participants had to meet virtually, as the Meeting could not be held on site in #Girona as planned.
The agenda included planning for further #diving test campaigns in 2022!
deeper_sense photo