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Here comes the final part of our weekly interview series “Meet the Consortium”! 🎬

In this video the project leader Dr. Bilal Wehbe welcomes you at the #Maritime Hall of the @DFKI Robotics Innovation Center in Bremen, Germany.

Enjoy watching! 🤓

Get ready for round 3 of our interview Series“Meet the Consortium”! 🎬
We would like to introduce you to our partner KRAKEN Robotik GmbH.Softwareengineer Diego Cesar will give you an overview on KRAKEN’s know how and how their contribution to the project.
enjoy watching! 🤓

Vol. 2 of our Interview Series “Meet the Consortium” is now available on YouTube! 🎬
This episode features Dr. Christian Illing the head of research of the Lab for articifial Intelligence from our Partner the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW).

Meet the Deeper Sense Consortium! 👩‍💻🧑‍🔬🧑‍🏫
We are proud to present you the first video of a series of video interviews on our YouTube Channel.
We are starting with Dr. Thomas Vögele, Project Coordinator of the DeeperSense project.

This week the divers of our partner the THW Germany are working in our maritime pool at the institute. While the divers work our engineers from @DFKI and @KrakenRobotics conduct a series of tests in order to monitor and improve the sensors, lasers and sonar recordings. 🦾🐬