UC 1: Diver Monitoring

Professional divers work under low visibility conditions. This makes it difficult for operation control to monitor their movements, state, and position.  Subsea robots equipped with cameras provide images, but only during good visibility. Acoustic sensors (SONAR), on the other hand, are work even in the dark, but are not very precise.  

As the goal of UC1 is to facilitate diver monitoring in extreme environments or while performing dangerous underwater tasks,

 the training data will be provided as time-synchronised pairs of camera and sonar images recorded in clear-water of divers working underwater.

In addition, as test datasets, video and sonar data streams in real-world environments under variable visibility conditions will be recorded during the field-validations. Data will also include the results of algorithm validations during field trials. UC1 will also generate some datasets with 3D camera and IMU data, time synchronized and calibrated to the sonar data as well as video data.

Bremen underwater trials

DeeperSense-43 DeeperSense-63 DeeperSense-76 DeeperSense-21 DeeperSense-54

Photos: German Research Center For Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Thomas Frank