Tecnoambiente SLU

Tecnoambiente is a multidisciplinary geoscience survey company that has a proven track record of delivering a wide range of solutions in offshore, coastal and onshore projects in Europe, Africa, South & Central America and the Caribbean. The company is based in Barcelona since 1980 and has established a reputation in the oil & gas industry, port developments, submarine cables and renewable energy sector by providing safe, high quality and cost-effective solutions in a highly demanding offshore industry.

Tecnoambiente combines biological knowledge and environmental background with know-how and proven experience on geophysical, hydrographic and geotechnical surveys. Moreover, an in-house laboratory facility underpins our capacity to provide integrated solutions to our clients. The company’s team of marine consultants and experts is comprised of over 30 professionals, with more than 12 years of experience in the industry, on average. From an educational background perspective, the team is formed by university graduates on Engineering, Marine Sciences, Biology, Geology and Geography.

Tecnoambiente role in the project will be to
  • Provide the required hydrographic and geophysical sensors to test the equipment, acquire, process and interpret the data, to benchmark the results with other acquisition methodologies.
  • Provide our survey and geophysical data base (legacy surveys) including MBES, SSS and optical image.
  • Participate in the Use Case 3 concepts and requirement definitions, as experts in the field
  • Participate in the field validation and demonstration activities associated with Use Case3
  • Engage in the Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation activities, towards incorporating the technology developed in the company activities and therefore bringing it to market.